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10 Steps to Take When Your House Floods

When a water emergency occurs, acting quickly and enlisting the help of Expert Water Removal, will considerably minimize the extent of both expense and damage to your property. After discovering any type of water emergency, 10 actions that you must immediately take include:

  1. Stop the Water Source when Possible

    When possible, turning off the water main is a crucial step. Alternatively, turning off any in-home shut-off valves is another strategy.

  2. Alert Expert Water Removal

    Our team of IIRC certified technicians will arrive promptly and perform all necessary damage control to get the situation to a workable scenario.

  3. Turn off Power at the Breaker and Never Touch Appliances when Wet

    Flipping the breakers to an off-position will guarantee that power has been cut to any areas of concern.

  4. Salvage Valuables

    Many households store valuables such as photographs beneath beds and under furniture. Retrieve anything you can safely salvage.

  5. Avoid Flood-Standing Water and Possible Sewage Backup

    Pathogens in dirty water can harm property owners and expose you to viruses, parasites and disease. Our team will arrive with the necessary equipment in order to safely handle the occurrence.

  6. Remove any Wood Furniture and Hazardous Materials from the Area

    Wood furniture in particular can expose carpets and other textiles to irreparable stains and damage.

  7. Remove Area Rugs

    Removing smaller rugs is an intelligent approach, and helps remove excess water as well as allows area textiles to be put aside for direct attention.

  8. Leave Carpet and Padding the Expert Water Removal

    Never attempt to cut away damaged carpet or padding. Our team employs the correct equipment to safely repair and salvage these items.

  9. Vacuum or Sweep

    When possible, sweeping out and removing excess water is always a prudent step.

  10. Eliminate Moisture with Professional Drying Equipment

    Finally, our professional water extraction and drying equipment will dry the exposed structure and sufficiently remove any moisture remaining in the environment.

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