Immediate 1 Hour Emergency Response

Every minute counts when your house is flooding. The removal and cleanup aspect of any water emergency must happen quickly so that your exposed, valuable property and belongings experience the least amount of damage as possible. Expert Water Removal recognizes that a 1-hour response time is crucial for removing water or sewage, and to successfully perform immediate structural drying. Emergencies rarely happen at a convenient time. Our friendly, professional team is directly available with one call, whenever you need us.

Restoring Your Property to Pre-Loss Condition

When water loss occurs from a system back-up, excessive weather or broken equipment in your home or office, every minute counts. Water is notorious for soaking into flooring layers and damaging expensive drywall and cabinetry. Once property structure is exposed to water damage, swelling of these areas will happen within minutes of the accident. Failure to properly dry the area will even allow mold to flourish.

Call Expert Water Removal First

emergency water removalOnce dispatched, your troubles are as good as over. One of our certified technicians will immediately go to work, properly minimizing damages and answering any questions that you may have pertaining to the removal process. Our commercial TES™ Drying System allows us to:

  • Safeguard Wall Finishes Including Drywall and Painted Surfaces
  • Rescue Furniture
  • Successfully Preserve Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry; and
  • Restore Baseboards, Carpet and Padding

Professionals You Can Rely On

Our company is exclusively dedicated to you. As our customer, you will always reach our team directly, anytime of the day or night. You will never encounter prolonged wait times or experience adverse results from our licensed, bonded and insured professional staff. Expert Water Removal has built a solid reputation around both our individual and company tenure in addition to our environmental responsibility. Each manager and technician is extensively qualified, experienced, and happy to outline what to expect, resources available to you as the property owner, and how to prevent recurring scenarios, whenever possible.