Insurance Billing and Project Management Software

Convenience at an Inconvenient Time

Some of the capabilities that set our company apart from any other professional water removal service, is our claims management system that includes:

  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • Complete Claims Management with Digital Photos, Thorough Documentation and Damage Report, and Prompt, On-Site Meeting Availability with Your Claims Adjuster
  • Property Damage Estimates with Standardized, Approved Pricing and Recommendations
  • Direct Access to Project Information via DASH Restoration Software System; and
  • Assigned Third Party Professional Claims Advocate Availability

DASH Project Management Software Capabilities

dash ImageUpon outlining each repair estimate, we will upload photos, notes and professional recommendations to our sophisticated software that will directly submit and expedite your insurance claim, in addition to managing real-time repair updates to all interested parties. Our team will meet with the claims adjuster, on-site, and provide authentic date and time-stamped damage reports. Our superior claims management experience will provide you with confidence that your property damage is being thoroughly and correctly documented, and that reconstruction, restoration and necessary rebuilding objectives remain on track. We stand behind our clients through the entire process, and professionally record each step taken to prudently mitigate property damage from the beginning, so that claims are approved quickly, and allow you to return to your normal daily routine.

Through our virtually exclusive, new claims tracking technology, Expert Water Removal has the ability to provide our clients, technicians, adjusters and the insurance company with a single website link, so that each party knows exactly what to expect, and the status of each claim. An unbiased, third party advocate is also available to property owners as a helpful liaison between the complexity of adjusters, carriers and contractors. Our company effectively eliminates surprises and handles all necessary insurance paperwork. Our business is approved by all insurance carriers and is licensed, bonded and insured. Restoring your property and providing you with 24-hour emergency water, mold, fire-cleanup and repair services from start to finish is our promise, every time.