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Expert Water Removal is your trusted source for water damage restoration services in the charming town of Palmetto, Florida. When Palmetto homeowners face the distress of water damage, Expert Water Removal is ready with professional assistance to restore homes to their former glory.

Palmetto is a charming waterfront city located in the heart of Manatee County, known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and inviting community. It boasts a population of around 15,000, a blend of families, retirees, and young professionals that all contribute to the friendly community spirit.

Like much of Florida, Palmetto experiences a humid subtropical climate. It enjoys hot, humid summers and mild, dry winters, offering residents an average of 246 sunny days per year. But the city is not immune to the Florida rainy season. From June to September, the city experiences significant rainfall, with the annual average hitting 53 inches—quite a bit more than the U.S. average of 38 inches.

In such a climate, Palmetto homes are at risk of water damage. This can be due to heavy rains, hurricanes, or even the high humidity levels. Additionally, regular wear and tear on home plumbing systems can also lead to unexpected water damage. Thankfully, our team at Expert Water Removal is here 24/7 to assist with any potential water damage to your home.

Causes of Water Damage In Palmetto


The dedication of Expert Water Removal goes beyond simple restoration. They believe in educating Palmetto homeowners about preventative measures for water damage. Expert Water Removal offers advice on topics such as improving home drainage systems, spotting potential issues early, and maintaining appliances to prevent leaks. Below is a list of common causes of water damage to homes in Palmetto:

  • Abundant Rainfall: With precipitation levels surpassing the national average, Palmetto’s abundant rainfall can lead to excess water, potentially causing damage if the home’s water runoff systems are not properly functioning.
  • Storms and Hurricanes: Being on the Gulf Coast of Florida exposes Palmetto to severe weather systems, including hurricanes and tropical storms. These events can bring extensive rainfall and strong winds, which can cause significant water damage to homes.
  • Plumbing Discrepancies: Deteriorating pipes, excessive water pressure, or blockages can result in leaks or bursts in the home’s plumbing system, leading to water damage.
  • Faulty Household Appliances: Water-related appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters can contribute to water damage if they malfunction or have leaks.
  • Elevated Humidity: The high levels of humidity typical in Palmetto can lead to a buildup of condensation and moisture in homes, potentially causing structural damage over time.
  • Roof and Gutter Problems: Roofs with missing shingles or holes and gutters filled with debris can allow water to penetrate into the home, which can result in damage to walls, ceilings, and insulation.
  • Sea-Level Rise: As a city near the coast, Palmetto can experience flooding due to sea-level rise, especially during high tides or storms, which can lead to water damage in homes.

Expert Water Removal believes that in the face of water damage, no homeowner should feel alone. Let them partner with you to protect and restore your home in Palmetto, Florida. Call them today, because with Expert Water Removal, a fresh, dry, restored home is only a call away.

Palmetto Water Damage Services

Expert Water Removal’s services include water removal, damage restoration, mold remediation, and other related services. We understand the unique challenges that the climate and weather in Palmetto, FL can present. Our expert team is equipped with the latest tools and training to address these issues and restore your home to its pre-damaged state.

Our team of highly trained water damage professionals is well-versed in all aspects of water damage restoration in Palmetto, FL. From the initial assessment to the final touches of restoration, we follow a systematic process that ensures every issue is addressed. We use state-of-the-art equipment for water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and sanitation. In the unfortunate event of mold growth, our team is also equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to perform effective mold remediation.

If water damage strikes your Palmetto home, don’t hesitate to reach out to Expert Water Removal. Give us a call at 941-358-9055 and let us help restore your Palmetto, FL home with complete peace of mind. Because at Expert Water Removal, we believe in turning a crisis into a fresh start We’re here for you 24/7, ready to help you get your home and your life back to normal.

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If you have recently dealt with water damage in your home or business, we know how frustrating and exhausting this can be and we want to help. It’s important to find the right company to trust with doing the job right. You don’t have to take just our word for it, please check out our other online reviews to see what others have said about their experience with Expert Water Removal.

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