Mold Remediation

A significant part of our company’s expertise is dedicated to protecting you from exposure to mold. Expert Water Removal is a state licensed mold remediator with over a decade of specialized experience in assessment and control, cleanup and removal, and mold prevention. While mold is routinely correlated with water damage or flooding, it can also be the result of prolonged high humidity and unfinished surroundings that serve to host to hidden mold.


mold remediation services
mold remediation services in Sarasota


Expert Water Removal is IICRC certified for mold remediation work. We also offer our customers full service construction repairs following mold containment and cleanup. Upon conclusion of each project, we provide our client with an independent assessment of their property. This practice is a crucial step for homeowners, who may need to demonstrate down the line that they diligently addressed and sufficiently corrected any mold problem. In the event of a succeeding property sale, this documentation will adequately provide proof that any contamination has been properly addressed and eliminated.

Our certified technicians employ the best in industry technology, including specially calibrated meters that accurately measure the extent of any mold situation. In the scenario of a large, or high level mold contamination problem, we will work closely with an industrial hygienist and a state licensed mold assessor to further evaluate and remedy your environment. Expert Water Removal is a fully licensed contractor and can perform demolition where necessary, in addition to setting up negative air, which prevents any mold from spreading throughout your environment. Our IICRC trained technicians are equipped with full personal protective equipment and always perform removal services by double bagging any contamination.

An insurance claim will generally cover mold remediation services. Our highly experienced claims estimators and project managers will carefully address each aspect of your project, and appropriately designate each expense under either the mold portion of your policy, or its repair section. This will help ensure that your policy will cover all necessary mold remediation services, in their entirety, whenever possible.