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What Happens During a Typical Water Removal Project: A Case Study

Something that seems so small can damage your home.

Ignoring the Problem Can Cause Extensive Damage

It is easy to ignore small leaks–a little water around the toilet in the guest bath or a drip from a seldom used faucet. As one homeowner discovered, however, even tiny leaks can quickly cause $40,000 in property damage. The case study below outlines how innocently it all started.

The homeowner discovered moisture around the refrigerator. Thinking nothing of it, she cleaned it up and forgot about it. Sometime later, she found water at the back of the refrigerator. Upon further inspection, she found a small leak in the water supply line to the refrigerator. Again, she cleaned up the water and made arrangements for repair.

Water Can Be More Destructive Than You Think

Whether it comes as a catastrophic flood or a slow, insidious leak, water is a powerful and often destructive force. In the aftermath of a water event, homeowners face many difficult decisions. It may seem logical to call a professional water restoration expert after a severe flood, but what about small leaks and other water damage?

We fix the initial problem and assess water/mold damage.

Have an Expert Fix the Initial Problem & Assess Water/Mold Damage

Water leaks require immediate attention. The first reaction is to call a plumber, right? While a plumber can replace a valve, pump or section of pipe, they are not equipped to professionally assess water damage. The best solution is to call a licensed water removal specialist like Expert Water Removal. Not only will they fix the immediate problem, but they will also check the moisture content of surrounding areas to see how far water has penetrated the structure.

Then, they work directly with your insurance company to settle repairs and restore your property with the least amount of hassle.

How to Deal with Mold Repairs

Once water damage turns into a mold remediation job, precautions are required to protect workers and homeowners. As a result, the job takes longer and the repairs are more costly. A typical mold job has the following stages:

Removing mold is done in six steps.
  1. Containment
  2. Demolition
  3. Detail Cleaning
  4. Drying
  5. Clearance Testing
  6. Final Repairs

During the entire process, Expert Water Removal is considerate of the homeowner. From special containment construction that assures no additional areas are damaged to testing every sample of flooring, carpet and cabinetry so the homeowner receives a fair value replacement, Expert Water Removal has the customer experience in mind. They will even build a temporary kitchen or sleeping quarters to make a family more comfortable during repairs.

Smooth Process with Professionals from Expert Water Repair

Homeowners may be tempted to tackle water repairs on their own, but that is a big mistake. Insurance companies will pay as much as 20 percent more for a job to be completed by a licensed contractor. Why? They know that a licensed professional will manage the contract, and be liable for the results. Because of the close communication and quick approval by the insurance company in this case, work began the next day.

What to Expect from Expert Water Removal

1. Containment of The Water Damage

To contain the mold during removal a heavy poly film is installed to prevent mold from spreading.
To contain the mold during removal a heavy poly film is installed to prevent mold from spreading.

Since containment was first attempted by the homeowner, they discovered a few days later that although the leak had been repaired, the rest of the water damage had not been addressed. Worse yet, the damage was extensive–the beautiful cherry floor boards were separating, mold was growing behind the refrigerator, around the corner and on an adjacent cabinet.

When Expert Water Removal took over, the damaged area had to be cleared. Ceiling fans and drapes were removed, cleaned and securely stored. Undamaged items from the pantry were carefully packed and placed in the garage. In order to reduce cost and inconvenience on the family, Expert Water Removal created temporary living quarters and kitchen space. Then, they used heavy poly film and special construction practices to isolate the work area and prevent the spread of mold spores to the rest of the home. Care was taken to build the containment area without damaging additional areas of the walls or flooring.

Pantry items are securely packed.
Pantry items are securely packed.
Breakables are bubble wrapped.
Breakables are bubble wrapped.
Contents are stored in the garage.
Contents are stored in the garage.

2. Demolition & Removal of Contaminated and Damaged Structure

Air scrubbers and dehumidifiers were installed to achieve negative pressure in the containment area and ensure that contaminates remain isolated and of no risk to the family. Using special gear and masks, workers then removed damaged flooring, cabinets and structural elements.

Containment from stairwell removed.
Containment from stairwell removed.
Drywall & damaged structure removed.
Drywall & damaged structure removed.

3. Detail Cleaning and Drying

Once the damaged areas were successfully removed, vacuum cleaners outfitted with HEPA filters were used to thoroughly clear all the dust. Next, every surface was cleaned with an antimicrobial solution to kill residual spores. The property was then allowed to sit for two days with dehumidifiers and air scrubbers running inside and outside the containment area.

4. Clearance Testing

Repairs cannot be made until the damaged area passes a clearance test. A state licensed mold assessor visually inspected all damaged areas and gathered air and surface samples for laboratory testing. If the mold count is too high or there are toxic spores present, the test will fail. Expert Mold Removal has a 99 percent pass rate on the first inspection, and this home passed as expected.

5. Restore Your Home in Better Condition Than It Was

The home was declared safe, and the containment structure was removed. As part of the repair process, Expert Water Removal sent the insurance testing lab samples of:

  • Flooring
  • Carpet
  • Cabinets

The lab properly identified every product and assigned a fair value to assure repairs were made with a comparable product. Based on long-term relationships and quantity discounts, Expert Water Removal provided the homeowners with new flooring and cabinetry options that enhanced their kitchen and worked within the insurance pricing structure. Expert Water Removal even has a custom crown molding shop to ensure every home is returned to better-than-original condition.

6. Homeowners Delighted with Daily Communication and End Result

The homeowners were ecstatic with outcome.
The homeowners were ecstatic with outcome.
The entire process was complete in less than a week.
Beautiful floors were restored.

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