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Abandon House Restoration

Properties that sit vacant for extended periods of time tend to be very problematic. When a homeowner spends an extended period of time away from the home or even vacates a home completely, issues arise. In the case of one North Port homeowner, a period of time away from his property was followed by his death – and the house was held up in probate court until his next of kin was granted ownership.

During this time, the hot water heater had burst, causing water damage in literally every room of the home. By the time we were called in to restore the property to a pre-loss condition, there was mold growth in every room. In some rooms, it spanned from floor to ceiling. To restore the property to pre-loss condition, our team literally had to remove drywall, cabinets, flooring and other building materials down to the studs and perform a detailed mold remediation before rebuilding the home. The inactivity in the home and the lack of air conditioning control had made a complete overhaul necessary.

While abandoned home restoration jobs are challenging, it’s something we specialize in as a full-service restoration contractor. Read on to learn more about abandoned home restoration challenges:

Abandoned House Restoration Challenges

Compared to a conventional property that endures a fire or water loss, there are various challenges associated with restoring an abandoned home. These include:

  • Working with the mortgage company if the home was not paid off. In addition to working with insurance companies, restorers are also likely to have to work with the mortgage company on abandoned home restoration. Technically, if a property owner is still paying a mortgage on the home, it’s the lender that owns the property.
  • Conducting a thorough inspection to gauge the extent of the damage and create a plan.
  • Eradicating any pests or rodents that may have entered the property as a result of its non-use. Rats and other vermin can carry diseases, which may include the rare, yet dangerous, hantavirus. This can make a property more dangerous to enter and work in, underscoring the necessity of wearing proper PPE to avoid exposure to threats.
  • Assessing its overall structural condition to ensure it’s safe to enter.

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Homes can be left abandoned due to prolonged illnesses, pandemics limiting travel, death and other reasons. And when they’re left to sit vacant for extended periods of time, problems tend to arise. That’s where we can help restore an abandoned property to pre-loss condition. For more information on abandoned home restoration, contact us today.

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