6 Misconceptions About Water Damage Repair

Misconception #1: I Need To File A Claim Before filing a claim, speak with a knowledgeable restoration contractor to understand the severity of the damage. An experienced contractor can tell you quickly if your damages warrant filing a claim due to the size of your loss as compared to your deductible. You don’t want a […]

Water Removal: Burst Pipe Emergency

Leaky Pipe in Bradenton, Florida

A busted pipe can wreak havoc on your residential and/or office space. It happens without any warning whatsoever. The longer a burst pipe goes unnoticed, the more time emergency water removal will take. Therefore, it’s crucial to hire a professional contractor that is efficient, trustworthy, and informed. Read more about how emergency water removal works […]

Mold Remediation: Expert Water Removal Way

Mold is a major inconvenience for your home and your health. Of the 21.8 million Americans who have asthma, 4.6 million cases are attributed to mold exposure in the home. A staggering 45 million buildings in the United States are estimated to have unhealthy levels of mold. Mold remediation is made easy when you have […]

Is Black Mold Damaging Your Home?

mold removal

Finding black mold in your home is a distressing event for any homeowner. It’s a dangerous growth that can take a lot of time, money, and energy to completely remove. The process of removal needs to happen as soon as potential mold has been spotted in your home. In today’s blog, we’ll take a closer […]

Expert Water Removal: Our Simple Customer Service Formula

A Microsoft poll found that 96% of consumers consider customer service to be an important factor in brand loyalty. Expert Water Removal is a water removal and restoration company based out of the West Florida region. They fully realize the necessity of providing top-notch customer service. With locations in Sarasota, Bradenton, Fort Myers, Naples, and […]

Fire Recovery: Five Steps

In 2018, approximately 379,600 residential fires occurred in the United States. Such fires cause widespread devastation. In addition, potential fire recovery costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Therefore, consider the following five steps for fire recovery. Vacate the Premises In case of a house fire, immediately vacate the premises. Dial 911.  Any people or animals […]

The Three Categories of Water Damage and the Risks to Handling Them Improperly

Plumbing contractors know full well about the different types of water damage because they see them every day. But they may not be aware of the different ways different types of water damage must be handled by their restoration contractor partner. If water damage of any category is neglected or handled incorrectly, it can lead […]

The Types of Smoke Alarms to Protect Bradenton From Fire Damage

The facts are clear that smoke detectors in your home are important. In fact, not having a functional smoke alarm doubles your chances of dying in a house fire. And, two-thirds of all fire-related deaths happen in homes without functional smoke detectors. So, if you’re like 96% of the nation’s homes, you have at least […]

Fire Damage, Successful steps to Restoration

A fire is a devastating experience. Your home and possessions are damaged, or your business needs to be closed for repairs. Your family or employees are in shock and emotionally traumatized, not to mention you are losing money. When you hire a fire damage restoration company, you can expect them to be professional, courteous and […]

Why is it important to hire an Expert when dealing with mold in your Lakewood Ranch Home?

The IICRC outlines five major principles of mold remediation. 1.   Make sure safety and health precautions are taken by cleanup  professionals, such as the Expert Water Removal team. Mold-  contaminated buildings can be associated with a number of health  problems. Anyone involved in the mold remediation process must be  protected from exposure through a combination […]